East Screen West Screen #92 – Kevin Takes Tokyo

Episode 92 of the East Screen West Screen podcast.  Talking films from Hong Kong to Hollywood and lots of stuff in between.

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It’s our last official episode before we break for the holidays.  Kevin broadcasts from the streets of Tokyo to talk about the latetst Hong Kong film MAGIC TO WIN [開心魔法].  Then I discuss the latest attempt to bring Robert E. Howard’s iconic Cimmerian back to the big screen with the CONAN THE BARBARIAN reboot.

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  • Kevin Ma in Tokyo



  • MAGIC TO WIN [開心魔法]




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5 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #92 – Kevin Takes Tokyo”

  1. I read most of the Conan short stories back in high school, and religiously collected Savage Sword of Conan, Marvel’s violent black and white magazine. I rented Arnold’s Conan endlessly back before cheap retail VHS caught on.

    That said, I had basically no desire to see this movie. It felt like they wanted to cut corners with a Sci-Fi channel lead actor, and the anemic special effects in the trailer really turned me off.

    Maybe I’ll catch it on Netflix one day and be proved wrong. But I’d just as soon watch a cheesy 80s barbarian knockoff than a soulless Hollywood remake — at least they exhibited some quirky, goofy charm. Even Kevin Sorbo’s Kull the Conqueror was fun… but I don’t get that vibe from this flick at all.

    And my copy of Virtual Recall has arrived! (we’ll see if that turns out to be an early present or a lump of coal) Have a great Christmas guys.

    1. Sorbo made Kull? I seem to recall that somehow, but it had been erased from my mind ha ha. Marc Singer’s Beastmaster was kinda fun in it’s day to.

      Hope you get some enjoyment out of Virtual Recall, and at the very least have a great Holiday and New Year Matt. 🙂

  2. Magic To Win is actually playing at AMC theatres in Toronto right now but I am skeptical about this. I think I’ll pass and wait for “The Viral Factor” instead. Yeah, a North American theatrical release is confirmed for Jan 20th, 2012.

    1. MAGIC TO WIN is probably a miss for most folks. Our group seems to despise it, though I had a slight bit of fun with it in places. Here’s to hoping for a better 2012 cinema season 😉

      1. Well this year has been okay with Hong Kong cinema. We’ve had “Wu Xia”, didn’t we? Next year, we’ll have another All’s Well Ends Well starring Donnie Yen and that is going to come out to theatres in North America at the same time as Asia, or so I’ve heard.

        And then, summer 2012 is going to be the big screen debut of me in “Total Recall”! Maybe when that movie hits home video, I can record a commentary on that movie with you guys.

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