East Screen West Screen #97 – Decent Descendants

Episode 97 of the East Screen West Screen podcast.  Talking films from Hong Kong to Hollywood and lots of stuff in between.

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Now in the tail end of the Chinese New Year holiday we looks at a few of the remaining holiday releases for the Year of the Dragon.  Up first is director Dante Lam’s latest action entry THE VIRAL FACTOR [逆戰].  Next we head to Hawaii for THE DESCENDANTS, and finally we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to talk PUSS IN BOOTS.

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8 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen #97 – Decent Descendants”

  1. i personally didn’t like ua times square. for such a huge mall, i was expecting a better-end theatre. but what it did offer was multiple theatre screens. my personal favorite hong kong theatre is @ plaza hollywood in diamond hill area. (i believe that was a golden harvest theatre) i would always drop by after work and plan out what to watch.

  2. I think I’ve only been to UA Times Square once – for “Death Note” in 2006 (I don’t think I avoided it for any particular reason it just never seemed to be top of my list to see a film)

    You can’t have “Rich White People’s Problems” as a film title I already took that for “Eat Pray Love”! 😛

  3. As a big Jeff Lau fan I can’t wait to see “East Meets West 2011” – should get my blu ray from YA any day now! 🙂

  4. I’ve only gone to UA Times Square to watch Pang Ho-Cheong’s “Trivial Matters” and I wasn’t too impressed with the setup in that theatre. It wasn’t as bad as the one in Shatin where the number of seats was very limited and the screen was small as shit! I still have to say that Golden Harvest theatre in Plaza Hollywood remains as one of my favorite theatres in Hong Kong. It’s probably the closest thing to a typical Silvercity/Cineplex Odeon theatre in Toronto. And if you’ve never been to one of those, it’s HUGE!!!

    “East Meets West 2011” was mediocre at best. I still think Jeff Lau is rehashing his old crap, which is one fault that I’m truly frustrating with while watching his movies. One way or another, it all roots down on “A Chinese Odyssey”. “A Chinese Tall Story” is perhaps one of the other few Chinese Odyssey rehash I can find barely tolerable. (By the way, Paul, you can find “A Chinese Tall Story” on DVD with special features and commentary track fully subtitled in English by yours truly. I know the Nicholas Tse interview is missing English subs but that’s not my fault. I had it translated and sent to Joy Sales already before they went ahead and printed these out. I still have that text file somewhere…)

  5. I enjoyed “East Meets West 2011” myself. Maybe his quirkiness is recycled, but what isn’t these days? At least he offers up a bit more than just the latest excuse for Donnie to beat up the Japanese again. 🙂

    1. But that’s the problem I have with Jeff Lau. He’s recycling old material in EVERY subsequent movie he’s worked on. And not in a good way either.

  6. Got my “East Meets West 2011” blu ray – I have watched it twice and LOVED it both times. My favourite HK film since “Gallants” 🙂

  7. I’ve read in Hong Kong DVD forums about how they’ve lamented the lack of a bluray release of “Gallants” in Hong Kong and yet, the bluray is now out in Germany.

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