Blu-ray Special #3

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ALOHA everyone!  After an unplanned hiatus of a few weeks due to travel and…ugh…stuff, I finally managed to get some time to edit some of the previously recorded content.  I had planned to do a bunch of this over the course of the past week while I was in Hawaii…then of course I got to Hawaii and all those plans went right out the window (as one might expect).  Needless to say I have some catch-up work to do.  Episode 49 of ES/WS should be up a bit later in the week, with episode 50 not too far behind.  Until then Mahalo and good viewing.



This is arguably my favorite John Woo film.  I know I am in the minority and HARD BOILED is the likely favorite, but I always preferred Chow Yun-Fat in comedies.  I loved the chemistry of all the leads in the film, though watching the film now comes with a bit of sadness with the loss of Leslie and his talents.  As discussed the blu-ray is a Fortune Star transfer, so it does not offer much in terms of features.  Once can likely get just as much with the DVD version and an upscale DVD player.



Kevin discusses the Taiwan (all region) release of the hit anime.  As mentioned the Blu-ray will be hitting the US market in early 2011.  I have heard nothing but praise for the film, and dot having seen the film as yet, I am more than anxious to finally get my hands on it.

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    1. Hey Gary,

      Yes, Kevin and I did discuss it, but it was a rather serious and dark conversation I never felt it was really appropriate for the tone of ES/WS. I do have the raw recording in my backup files, but after I was asked to go on The Phileas Club podcast to talk about it (episode #28), I found that the conversation there somewhat parroted the conversation between Kevin and myself. Once I get caught up on ES/WS for the year, I might just put it on the site as an independent segment if there is enough interest.

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