East Screen West Screen Christmas Special 2011

Running Time (1:43:49)

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Full commentary track for VIRTUAL RECALL [異空危情]

Happy Holidays folks.  For our special commentary episode Ross Chen of www.lovehkfilm.com stops buy again to help Kevin and I comment on VIRTUAL RECALL [異空危情].  It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy 🙂


Note: As a commentary this episode is meant to be listened to in tandem with the film, which you can find at normal online vendors for Hong Kong films (such as YesAsia) or you could track it down using GoogleFu.  I’ve actually stumbled across parts of it on that Tube-ish site.











NEXT EPISODE #93 (early 2012)

Have a Happy New Year folks!

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2 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen Christmas Special 2011”

  1. I love bad movies as much as the next guy, but wow. That’s really all I can say… wow. I’m not sure which was worse, the film or the low-rent “anamorphic” Tai Seng DVD that only took up about a fourth of my TV screen.

    A blessing in disguise, no doubt… if my brain experienced Virtual Recall in anything remotely approaching hi-def it would probably try to murder me in an attempt to make the pain stop.

    Entertaining commentary though… kind of scared to see what you dig up next. 🙂

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