East Screen West Screen Halloween Special 2011

Running Time (1:49:19)

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Full commentary track for MYSTERIOUS ISLAND [孤島驚魂]


Happy Halloween folks.  For our special commentary episode Ross Chen of www.lovehkfilm.com stops buy to help Kevin and I comment on MYSTERIOUS ISLAND [孤島驚魂].  And if that in itself isn’t scary, I don’t know what is. Enjoy 🙂


Note: As a commentary this episode is meant to be listened to in tandem with the film, which you can find at normal online vendors for Hong Kong films (such as YesAsia) or you could track it down using GoogleFu.  I’ve actually stumbled across parts of it on that Tube-ish site.














You can email the show at eastscreen at gmail.com

5 thoughts on “East Screen West Screen Halloween Special 2011”

  1. Another movie to buy, now that is scary! And of course ordering a single DVD from Hong Kong is less than practical… hmmmm, what else to get.

    1. And speaking of creepy Asian movies suitable for Halloween viewing, “Dream Home” is currently available for streaming on Netflix. I thought I had been desensitized to movie violence over the years, but holy crap…

      1. Yeah, Dream Home is a very relevant film (especially in Hong Kong’s current economic situation which is still scary itself), and it is superbly directed, but once was enough for me. I don’t think I could watch it again.

  2. I marathoned through “The Walking Dead” just to get into the mood of Halloween. Then I found out TVB’s airings were censored so I’m gonna watch it all over again. I did get caught up to Season 2 and watched those bicycle girl webisodes. Season 2 seems to have slowed down compared to last season.

  3. Oh, and speaking of “Dream Home”, it’s available on PSN in North America as well. Thought about buying it online but I can’t imagine where else I can back up the data. My hard drive for the PS3 is only 80 gigs…

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