East Screen West Screen – The 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards

The 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards episode of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

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Podcast episode discussing the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards [第三十二屆香港電影金像獎] winners with Kevin, Ross Chen of www.lovehkfilm.com and myself.

Note:  This segment originally aired as part of the news segment of episode #145, but since the discussion ran for over an hour, I decided to edit it out and post it as a separate episode.  Depending on future circumstances (and listener feedback), we may likely cover future HKFA winners as a stand alone episode.  Apologies for the somewhat un-cohesive and rough intro and outro for this episode.

Running Time (1:07:12)

32HKFA [第三十二屆香港電影金像獎]











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