Following a dream…

This was posted on Kozo’s blog over at LHKF since it features his website in two points of the segment, but I thought I would post it here as well, since Nick’s story mirrors my own so closely (right down to the tiny apartment I was initially living in back in 2000…though mine was about 70sq ft.)

What I find striking is the ability for Hong Kong films to still have a very strong ‘pull factor’ as a cultural property for foreigners, whereas many of my local friends (and even my significant better half) feel next to no connection to their home cinema these days.

While the industry remains very a very closed clique to all but the most dilligent, one can look to people such as Gregory Rivers (河國榮) and a few select others who managed to work their way in.  Best of luck to you Nick.

(For the non-fluent, the Chinese sections just discuss Nick’s passion for film and his diligence in finding famous movie locations as well as learning Chinese (Cantonese).)