Looking back at October 2015

Photo 26-10-2015, 1 10 00 PM

October proved to be a monster mash of scheduling conflicts.  As anyone who has known me for any period of time will tell you, Halloween is my favorite holiday.  When I was stateside I used to throw annual parties.  But Halloween is a different beast in Hong Kong.  Yes, they do a big selection of haunted houses at both Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland, but really it is mostly known as an excuse for ex-pats and young hipsters to get especially drunk while doing some cosplay.  That’s not my scene.  One local news highlight of this year was the daughter of the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong acting unruly.

Gimme some sugar, baby
For me the holiday has always been about kids, candy, and costumes (no alcohol required, but maybe some bubbling witches brew).  As our little one had turned 3 during the summer, I knew she was hitting that formative age where memories and holiday moments would start to stick.  So this year I decided to throw a party once again and have a few friends over for some food and fun.  I also had candy bowls at the ready, but sadly no trick-or-treaters were roaming our village. However, a neighboring village held a Halloween candy crawl to some select houses, so our little one actually got to experience traditional trick-or-treating for the first time.  I was quite impressed with their organization of the event and hope to get my house included in the crawl if they do it again next year.

Photo Oct 31, 7 58 31 PM Photo Oct 31, 8 22 24 PMPhoto Oct 31, 8 22 41 PM Photo Oct 31, 8 26 49 PM








Along with all of this, my family lovingly indulges me and puts up with a Halloween photo shoot each year.  I start planning the theme months in advance and try to figure out how to bring it together.  For this year’s theme I had the idea to go with Attack On Titan which resulted in the photo series below. It took about two afternoons of photo shoots and doing rest of the Photoshop work in the evenings over the course of a week.  I am fairly pleased with the results with the exception of the one that I am in, which probably needed a couple more hours of work.

Photo Oct 31, 9 59 54 PM (1) Photo Oct 31, 9 59 54 PM (2) Photo Oct 31, 9 59 54 PM Photo Oct 31, 9 59 55 PM








In addition to getting prepped for the holiday, I had family visiting from the states, which is always great but tends to cut into movie watching time.  Not that I mind, I love spending time with my family, and when it comes down to watching a movie (that I can always see later) or family time which only comes a few times a year, the latter wins out.  Add to this mix, that my annual day of rotating around the sun came by in mid October and my family had planned a surprise semi-get-away (more details on that in a later post).

The Working Dead
On the work front, the mid to late October period is right around the middle of the semester (when things start to get busy on the marking and paperwork). I was also trying to hit a submission deadline for an academic review, and local movies were coming out right and left.  Combine this with the fact that local movie screening schedules seem to have taken a turn for the strange, being show at odd times with a lack in consistency.  As such, we’ve gone a few weeks without being able to record an episode of East Screen West Screen.

28 Days Later(er)
Now that November (or Movember if you are into that whole stache thing, or NaNoWriMo for all  you writers out there) is upon us, the intent is to catch up on as much as possible (likely fueled by many a Gingerbread Latte, my seasonal drink of choice).  Ideally we should have a new ES/WS show in the pipe soon, and there are a couple of written reviews of things in the works.  Plans have also been laid for the next episode of PoF:TDR which will be recording later this week.  So if you have been waiting for new episodes, I do apologize for the absence, and I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday.

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