East Screen / West Screen #4

ShingFuiOnThis week Kevin and I talk about Hong Kong celebrity marriages, Disney’s acquisition of Marvel and talk about some of the many works of the late Shing Fu On;




* The Cantonese  lesson segment used in this episode comes from lesson 5.3 of the following text:
Lee, Phillip Yungkin. “Intermediate Cantonese: Themes for Listening and Speaking“. Hong Kong: Greenwood Press. 2001.

(Running time – 00:48:18)

To cheat or not to cheat…

New teen comedy Trick or Cheat (愛出貓) opens today that looks to cover Hong Kong’s A level exams, cram schools, star tutors, and the pressures to pass.  As the title seems to suggest, new and inventive ways of cheating are likely to be a running gag of the story.  You can take a look at the trailer below…(no subs though).