Zhang Zi Yi goes for laughs…

sophieSophie’s Revenge opens in Hong Kong next week. And with the semester about to start plus a ton of work to get done in preparation, I could use a good laugh…  Judging by the trailer the film has a bit of an All About Women style vibe to it.  A trailer with English subs is available via this link:’sRevenge.wmv

which comes off the Broadway Cinema chain website.  For those fluent or learning Mandarin a slightly better quality, non-subtitled version is posted below.

You know you’re from a small town when…

Ok, this is totally referring back to my life in the US since this takes place in my hometown.  It bears no relevance to things I will normally write about here…but sometimes you have to remember where you came from…(and why you left 😉 ).  Take a look at the ‘news’ from my old stomping grounds and well…as Stan Lee used to say, “Nuff said”.

Opening this week.

Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After

A new local film opens this week in the form of Happily Ever After (很想和你在一起).  The film stars some young newcomers, but the fact the Hui Siu-Hung (許紹雄) makes an appearance, has me sold.  As one can see from the trailer below, it promises all the traditional trappings of teenage romance triangles. Here’s hoping it is less cliched than the English title 😉