The Problems of ‘the press’…

computerOk, I don’t know if anyone actually was able to see the posts and podcast #5 for ES/WS this past weekend.  I put them up, but then they vanished.  I just had a chat with tech support and they are transferring me up the line and looking into the issue.  Apparently there were problems with the SQL server over the weekend and those posts may be gone.  I am figuring it will probably be easier to just rewrite and re-post things.  This is one of the reasons I prefer good ol’ HTML page design.  I guess I am gonna have to do more frequent back ups of my site locally.  So for to all 3 of you out there currently watching…look for the previous posts to return soon.

Amazing Night…


Typically each week I am fortunate enough to participate in what we call ‘movie night’ here in Hong Kong. It was kinda started when Kozo from LHKF moved to Hong Kong and we initially started heading out to watch Hong Kong movies together. Over time more people came into the fold (including some Golden Rock kid ;-p) and now in any given week we can have upwards of 7+ people heading out for a meal, movie and an after-movie dessert and discussion.  With the decline of interest in local films, it is not uncommon for our group to be the only ones in a cinema, even on an opening night (which are on Thursdays in Hong Kong).

Now understanding that Hong Kong is fairly small place, it is not unusual to run into a celebrity just going about their daily business.  But it is rather unusual to run into a celebrity watching a Hong Kong movie (unless it is at a premiere or festival).  Nonetheless, this past Thursday as our group was waiting in the lobby to watch Kung Fu Chef (at the Golden Harvest cinema in Mongkok) who should we see waiting there as well, but none other than Ms. Helena Law Lan  (羅蘭).  Aside from her own small group, our group of 7 were the only ones waiting to see the movie and she pleasantly struck up a conversation with us.  Like us, she was there to see Kung Fu Chefs (功夫廚神) and she had stated she was there in support of Sammo and his new film.  I was somewhat star struck and actually forgot how to speak the little bit of Cantonese that I know, for here was an actress who has been (and continues still) working in the industry since the 1940s.  She even made a point to say goodbye to us at the end of the movie.  It is moments and memories like this that make me truly love living in this city.

Growing pains…

The site is still growing and I have much work to still be done in terms of cleaning up the design, getting my editing turnaround time down for podcasts, etc.  Lots more planned for the future but for now, basic housekeeping is filling my time.  A friend mentioned that ES/WS #4 had an issue the prevented the entire file from streaming or downloading.  I am fairly confident that this issue has been addressed and hopefully the episode is now working properly. 

I am currently hosting this site and the podcast with a company called Globat.  This decision was based on a rather confusing experience I had with GoDaddy and based on a recommendation from a site about developing podcasts.  I know that Libsyn is considered the current standard for ‘hosting’ of podcasts, but their price scheme seemed more confusing, so I opted for the more straightforward service of Globat.  I may ultimately have to switch if their service proves unreliable.  In the meantime I hope to add more content to the site in the near future as well as finalizing some artwork for the podcast and ultimately getting it assigned to iTunes.

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