Farewell Shing Fui-On


Character actor Shing Fui-On passed away last night of cancer.  Though his experience in acting is quite extensive, if you spent any time watching late 80’s and 90’s Hong Kong cinema as I did, you would come to recognize this unique actor, who typically played the antagonist against ‘prettier’ HK boys like Chow Yun-Fat and Andy Lau.  While he was well known for taking up villainous roles, I always got a kick out of seeing him do comedies and felt he was really under-utilized in that genre.

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Zhang Zi Yi goes for laughs…

sophieSophie’s Revenge opens in Hong Kong next week. And with the semester about to start plus a ton of work to get done in preparation, I could use a good laugh…  Judging by the trailer the film has a bit of an All About Women style vibe to it.  A trailer with English subs is available via this link:’sRevenge.wmv

which comes off the Broadway Cinema chain website.  For those fluent or learning Mandarin a slightly better quality, non-subtitled version is posted below.

You know you’re from a small town when…

Ok, this is totally referring back to my life in the US since this takes place in my hometown.  It bears no relevance to things I will normally write about here…but sometimes you have to remember where you came from…(and why you left 😉 ).  Take a look at the ‘news’ from my old stomping grounds and well…as Stan Lee used to say, “Nuff said”.