East Screen West Screen #153 – Gone With The Bullets <一步之遙>

Gone With The Bullets <一步之遥>

Kevin Ma and I return after a near year and a half hiatus.  The show will be streamlined but we hope the get back to (and surpass) the level of quality we once had.  Our goal will be to bring you some current news and a weekly review on a weekly basis.  For our return engagement Kevin talks news some upcoming Hong Kong films for the Lunar New Year and I present my take on Jiang Wen’s GONE WITH THE BULLETS <一步之遙>.




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Podcast On Fire 188: The Dynasty Report #3 – The White Haired-Witch Of Lunar Kingdom & Floating City


For the third episode of POF: The Dynasty Report, Kenny B, David Lam and I take a look at the remake of the iconic Hong Kong film The Bride with White Hair [白髮魔女傳] (1993) with the recent co-production of The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom [白髮魔女傳之明月天國3D] (2014). We then turn our sites to the rather underrated Floating City [浮城] (2012).  Find the show over at http://podcastonfire.com/2014/11/podcast-on-fire-188-the-dynasty-report-the-white-haired-witch-of-lunar-kingdom-floating-city/ 

The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom [白髮魔女傳之明月天國3D] (2014)


Floating City [浮城] (2012)

Podcast On Fire 186: The Dynasty Report #2 – That Demon Within & Hungry Ghost Ritual

pof186Back for the second edition of PoF: The Dynasty Report, this time David Lam joins Ken and myself to talk some current Hong Kong films.  For this line-up it’s back to covering Nick Cheung so we talk about That Demon Within [魔警] and Hungry Ghost Ritual [盂蘭神功] .  We’re still in the experimental stage for this program, in terms of both format, coverage, and length.  Find the show over at  http://podcastonfire.com/2014/09/podcast-on-fire-186-the-dynasty-report-that-demon-within-hungry-ghost-ritual/

The general rule of thumb for podcasts is that it takes about 10 episodes or so to find a groove.  Let’s us know if you like what we’re doing or if you think we should change things up a bit.



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