Review: TANGLIN – The first 50

Tanglin – The First 50 (Singapore TV Drama)

TanglinEarlier this past summer, after a short vacation to Singapore, I become hooked on watching Singaporean TV dramas. Like Hong Kong, Singaporean entertainment is often constrained by budgetary issues due to the limited size of the target market, but despite this I have found the narratives to be entertaining and enjoyable.

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Review: EVERY STEP YOU TAKE <陪著你走>

Every Step You Take <陪著你走> (TVB Drama)

Every Step You Take <陪著你走>

I’ve been an on and off watcher of TVB dramas for many years.  With so many productions put out annually it can be difficult to find consistency in the genre as a form of reliable entertainment.  Yet, as with many of the Hong Kong stars of old, TVB dramas often form the platform from which new cinema talent is drawn.  And it some cases it becomes the reliable safe harbor to which some big screen talent seeks to return.  Continue reading Review: EVERY STEP YOU TAKE < 陪著你走>