East Screen West Screen #169 – TO THE FORE <破風>

TO THE FORE <破風>We’re back after a short summer respite.  I’ve returned from a brief family sabbatical to Singapore and Kevin has hopped the corporate ladder over to Cathay.  Despite all of this mobile mayhem, we manage to align our schedules to news and a review of Dante Lam’s bike racing spectacle To the Fore <破風>.

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Between The Buried And Me – Bicycle Race (Queen Cover)
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Podcast On Fire 199: The Dynasty Report #5 – From Vegas To Macau II & Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2

Podcast on Fire 199For the fifth episode of POF: The Dynasty Report, Kenny BDavid Lam and I catch sequel-itis and look back at two of the bigger franchise sequels from late 2014 and early 2015.  First up is Wong Jing’s dive once again into the gambling staple for the Chinese New Year film  From Vegas to Macau II [賭城風雲Ⅱ] (2015).  Then it’s over to the rom-com genre as the To/Wai team returns with Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 [單身男女2] (2014).  Find the show over at http://podcastonfire.com/2015/08/podcast-on-fire-199-the-dynasty-report-from-vegas-to-macau-ii-dont-go-breaking-my-heart-2/

From Vegas to Macau II [賭城風雲Ⅱ]

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 [單身男女2]

East Screen West Screen #168 – MONSTER HUNT <捉妖記>


On episode 168 we have an in depth discussion on the mainland China film market and why it is doing so well.  Kevin breaks down the top performing films of the first half of the year and we talk at length about the live action/animated fantasy MONSTER HUNT <捉妖記>