Review: GALAXY TURNPIKE <ギャラクシー街道 Gyarakushī Kaidō>

Galaxy Turnpike <ギャラクシー街道 Gyarakushī Kaidō>

Galaxy Turnpike <ギャラクシー街道 Gyarakushī Kaidō>
Galaxy Turnpike
a 2015 Japanese film that offers up that somewhat rare blend of genre hybridity known as the sci-fi comedy.  Science fiction and romantic comedies tend to be genres of choice for me, and despite the rather mediocre reviews this received in 2015, I was quite excited when I heard it was getting a theatrical release here in Hong Kong. Continue reading Review: GALAXY TURNPIKE < ギャラクシー街道 Gyarakushī Kaidō>

Podcasting with Fire and Ice


In an attempt to catch up on a backlog of entries during my less than healthy hiatus, I would be remiss for not highlighting the blast I had as a guest Podcast on Fire #211 last month.  Time was well spent talking both the 1989 film THE ICEMAN COMETH <急凍奇俠> and Tsui Hark’s deliciously delightful THE CHINESE FEAST <金玉滿堂> from 1995.
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Talking IP MAN 3 <葉問3> with the MOFOS crew

MISUHad a great time talking about IP MAN 3 < 葉問3> with the gang at the Mofos Iceskating Uphill Film Podcast.  I’m a big admirer of their work, and their talent for injecting humour into some very excellent analysis. It was great to have an opportunity to crossover and be a guest and watch them work.  Please check it out if you get a chance.