Travel: Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay

Back in late July, while my stepmother was visiting we decided to take her on a short trip to Singapore.  Despite it’s small size and the relative heat, I am extremely fond of Singapore.  While there are numerous similarities between the fragrant harbor and the Southeast Asian city-state, the structure and order (and definitely the cleanliness) of Singapore have a leg up on Hong Kong in many aspects. Continue reading Travel: Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay

East Screen West Screen #170 – ATTACK ON TITAN <進撃の巨人>

ATTACK ON TITAN <進撃の巨人>This week Kevin brings some festival news from Korea, Liam Neeson and we geek out over the recent Star Wars press release image for SW; ROGUE ONE.  Then we take a stab or two at the live action production of the popular manga/anime title ATTACK ON TITAN <進撃の巨人>

Theme song from the anime (season 1)