Podcast On Fire 186: The Dynasty Report #2 – That Demon Within & Hungry Ghost Ritual

pof186Back for the second edition of PoF: The Dynasty Report, this time David Lam joins Ken and myself to talk some current Hong Kong films.  For this line-up it’s back to covering Nick Cheung so we talk about That Demon Within [魔警] and Hungry Ghost Ritual [盂蘭神功] .  We’re still in the experimental stage for this program, in terms of both format, coverage, and length.  Find the show over at  http://podcastonfire.com/2014/09/podcast-on-fire-186-the-dynasty-report-that-demon-within-hungry-ghost-ritual/

The general rule of thumb for podcasts is that it takes about 10 episodes or so to find a groove.  Let’s us know if you like what we’re doing or if you think we should change things up a bit.



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