Podcast On Fire 213: The Dynasty Report #7 – The Taking of Tiger Mountain & Undercover Duet

podtakingoftigerundercoverIt’s a new season of POF: The Dynasty Report for 2016.  Kenny BDavid Lam and I take a look a couple of more recent films.  Up first is Tsui Hark’s revolutionary epic  The Taking of Tiger Mountain [智取威虎山] (2014).  Then we look at the action-comedy Undercover Duet [猛龍特囧] (2015).  Find the show over at http://podcastonfire.com/2016/04/podcast-on-fire-the-dynasty-report-the-taking-of-tiger-mountain-3d-undercover-duet/ 

The Taking of Tiger Mountain [智取威虎山] (2014)


Undercover Duet [猛龍特囧] (2015)


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