Podcast on Fire: The Dynasty Report  is a jointly produced podcast between the Kong-Cast and Podcast on Fire teams.  In this series hosts David Lam and Paul Fox discuss contemporary Hong Kong films in an attempt to edify and excite series host and producer Kenneth Brorsson.


Kenneth Brorsson – Co-founder, producer, and host of the expansive Podcast on Fire network, Kenneth works tirelessly in both viewing and discussing cinema in both audio and written form.  In addition to creating multiple podcast programs on Asian film genres, he maintains a seperate site for extensive written reviews at So Good Reviews.

Paul Fox – A college lecturer in the field of Media Studies and Asian Studies, Paul spends a disproportionate amount of time watching Hong Kong movies, marking student assignments, writing lectures, or chasing his daughter around the room.  A former resident of the US, Paul moved to Hong Kong in 2000 to become more immersed in southern Chinese culture and language.  Prior to becoming a college lecturer, he has worked for Motorola and (briefly) Disney.  Paul holds a BA in Asian Studies, an MFA in Media Design and an MA in Media Cultures.  He is currently contemplating pursuit of a PHD or reinventing his life and becoming a cartoonist.

David Lam – Artist, critic, and longtime lover of Hong Kong Cinema, David seeks to educate the world on the cultural delights of directors from Wong Kar-Wai to Johnnie To.  He brings with him both sense and sensibility to the discussion of cinema

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