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So this is it, Project A, as mentioned in the previous post.  Podcast on Fire: The Dynasty Report is the current ‘official’ title, but that is subject to change.  Technically it is a sub-category within the Podcast on Fire series and as such will occur on a semi-regular basis, dependant on both new-releases in Hong Kong (which are few and far between) and the scheduling for the other programs in the PoF line-up.

Kenneth Brorsson (of Podcast on Fire) and I began talking about this idea some weeks back.  I knew I wasn’t really down for doing a solo podcast, so Ken pitched the idea of him acting as a springboard for discussion.  I liked the idea and jumped at the chance to work within the PoF network.

Though do I miss being in the producers chair, the plus side for this co-op allows me to talk current films (which I love doing) and Ken magnanimously handles the technical producing (which is a boon with my current 2 year old daughter so often on hand).  As with any new podcast, the format is very experimental at this stage, so the plan is to see if it works and tweak it where we can.  If you’d like to send feedback for the show, you can do so through either Ken or myself and we will be sure to pass it along.

I will post show updates and trailers here, but the stream, feed and general notes will all be found over at the PoF site here: http://podcastonfire.com/2014/08/podcast-on-fire-184-the-dynasty-report-overheard-3-z-storm-the-great-hypnotist/

On this freshman episode we cover some of the June-July 2014 releases.  These include;

OVERHEARD 3 [竊聽風雲3]



3 thoughts on “PoF: The Dynasty Report Debuts”

  1. Great show Kenny and Paul. I really miss ESWS. I have searched and
    have found no really good or serious podcasts on Hong Kong films.

    1. Thanks for listening CL, and thanks for your comments. We are still in the early stages with this show, so the format may vary a bit. If they’re are certain things you like or dislike hearing, do let us know as we attempt to tweak out the kinks. 🙂

      1. The format is great. It is great for a HK film fan like me in the States
        where there is little information on the newest HK films other then Love HK films. Thanks again had I listened earlier I could of saved 20 bucks on buying Z Storm,

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