Into the Badlands  – S01E05


Title: Snake Creeps Down

Episode 5 lays down some more sub-plotting, but doesn’t really push things further in terms of overall narrative developments.

SPOILERS beyond this point.

Sunny dreams of sunset sparring.

What Screams May Come

Sunny dreams about M.K. and his hulk-out power being turned against him.  After waking from this ‘nightmare’ he finds that his compass fits into the book M.K. stole from The Widow.

Sunny earns his puzzle master merit badge.

Veil tells him that she is  worried about her pregnancy starting to show soon.  When Sunny later confronts M.K. about his hulk-out during the parley, he tells him that there was a moment where M.K. seemed to be in control.

Adventure, excitement…a clipper craves not these things.

Back at her lair, The Widow addresses her new ‘recruits’ which she bribed away from Quinn during last episode’s raid.  She makes a point of separating out one of the younger boys, Jolyon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), but not the older men.  This is done so that she can later test him to see if he is the one with the ‘inner power’, she seeks (while we all know he isn’t).  This points to the fact that The Widow’s move at ‘liberating’ Quinn’s cogs may have been more self-serving than righteous.

Getting cut by the hand the feeds you.


Twelve Years A Knave

Back at The Fort, Baron Quinn is now dealing with a labor shortage and the coming opium harvest.  Jade suggests that the Baron could rule with more respect towards the cogs to earn more loyalty, but Lydia scoffs at the idea, seeing a clear class separation between herself and the lowly cogs.  Jade further suggests that, having worked the fields herself as a girl, she could teach some of the clippers to help with the harvest. But her eagerness to help seems to clearly grate on Lydia’s demeanor.

Kill them with kindness.

Ryder confronts M.K. about his amulet.  The two exchange lies about the object, before Sunny and M.K. head out to track down The Widow.  While the Baron addresses the clippers about their new harvesting duties, he suffers another migraine-like attack and leaves Jade in charge as he withdraws.

The blue and the black.

While on the prowl, M.K. reveals that he knows Veil is pregnant.  He also states he does know the way to Azra but it’s all jumbled in his head and he things the book can somehow help.  Tilda probes her mother about her intent with the boy, should she find him.  The Widow confides that each time M.K. hulks out he gets weaker and could eventually die from its over-use (how she actually knows this is still anyone’s guess at this point).

My boyfriend’s ‘bad’ and you’re gonna be in trouble…

Ryder meets up with Waldo to try and feel out where his loyalties truly are.  Waldo very practically states that he is on the side of whoever wins.  We do learn of a bit of Ryder’s history and being taken hostage by nomads as a boy, to later be rescued by Waldo.  Ryder then asks Waldo if he knows anything about M.K.’s amulet, and Waldo promptly informs him to seek out Lydia’s father (Ryder’s grandfather).

Waldo doesn’t know, but he knows who knows.

I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppy

Sunny and his scout crew have stumbled into a field of bear traps.  Fellow clipper Petri (Mike Seal) falls prey to one of the traps and suffers a nasty compound fracture.

That’s gonna leave a mark!

Jade milks some poppies and Lydia decides to come down and work the fields as well.  Meanwhile, Veil gives Baron Quinn a treatment for his tumour.  During the process Quinn attempts to sow the seeds of discord by telling her that it was in fact Sunny who killed her parents.

Class is in session.

Hey it’s Bishop…err…I mean Preacher.

Ryder rides out to meet his grandfather, a.k.a. Preacher Penrith (Lance Henrickson) whose followers looks like they are having a slumber party in long johns.

Pyjama party at the Preacher’s place!

Penrith apparently knows all about Azra, as a mythological story told to orphans.  They also discuss Penrith’s daughter (Ryder’s mother) and the falling out she had with her father upon choosing Quinn (then a clipper) as her husband.  As Ryder, leaves he informs a runner to send word to the abbots about a ‘dark one’ in The Fort that must be ‘cleansed’.  So he seems to know much more than he let on in his conversation with Ryder.

Preacher Penrith.

Can You Ear Me Now? 

While M.K. is on watch, Tilda approaches to warn him of her mother’s suspicions and tells him of the danger his hulk-outs pose to his own life.  M.K. tells Tilda in return the she is the reason for his control, but as the pair discuss plans to run away together, Sunny discovers them and incapacitates Tilda.  When fellow colt Bale (Benjamin Papac) breaks out the B-word, Tilda goes all Mike Tyson on him.

Perhaps Bale has future as a painter.

Sunny takes her back to The Fort where Quinn orders him to interrogate her.  Jade decides to give Quinn a little bedside attention, but while feeding him soup she collapses and starts foaming at the mouth.

Foul play? Or playing foul?

The Butterfly Affect(ion)

The Widow breaks in to The Fort in an attempt to rescue Tilda.  She and Sunny have it out in an amazing sequence that has them both doing weapon change-ups throughout.

The old balls and chains.

While Sunny and The Widow battle on, Bale locks M.K. in a cell and chooses to make Tilda his personal training dummy.  Sunny gets the better of The Widow, but M.K. has had enough.  He draws his own blood, hulks-out and blasts the cell door off it’s hinges and right into Bale subsequently impaling him on a rack of spikes.

Bye bye Bale.

Tilda helps her wounded mother escape.  Sunny pursues, but to no avail (because yes, one person helping another wounded person flee will ALWAYS be faster than an uninjured lone pursuer ;-p ).  This final sequence not only confirms M.K.’s power for both Tilda and The Widow, but also Baron Quinn who was silently looking on from the shadows.

Big Baron is watching you.

Thoughts on the episode.

When Bale gets his ear bitten off by Tilda, Petri’s expression, as he watches the whole event unfold, is priceless.

I seriously hope that Veil doesn’t buy into Baron Quinn’s craptastic line about Sunny actually killing her parents.  One would think she’d have a better reading on Sunny than The Baron.

After the reveal of the fate of Quinn’s previous concubine (last week) I get the feeling that Jade has in fact poisoned herself and will have taken only a light dose and / or have an antidote close at hand.  The whole scene feels like it is being staged to get Quinn on her side and place blame over on Lydia.

There are so many parties interested in M.K. now; Baron Quinn, The Widow, Ryder, Preacher Penrith, The River King and even Sunny, episode 6 seems like it there is plenty of potential for sudden ‘plot shifts’.

With only one episode left, I predict that we are going to be given a cliff-hanger season finale that ends with our heroes on the lam (and us hoping for a 2nd season).

2 thoughts on “Recap: INTO THE BADLANDS – S01E05”

  1. Just saw the season finale, am really enjoying it.
    Hope it gets pick up for 2nd season.
    Are people in Hong Kong aware of this show ?
    Will you be talking about it in your podcast ?

    Btw, does it take a week for the show to broadcast in Hong Kong,
    or is it simply your review schedule ?

    1. I just read that there will be a second season (thankfully). Here is the source (

      I am not too sure how aware people are of this show in Hong Kong. When the show started back in November, there was no HK publicity for it. My guess is that it will get picked up by a local affiliate at some point, like The Walking Dead did. I am hopeful that this means a Chinese subtitled DVD release as well.

      If I can convince Kevin to watch it, we might do a special podcast episode dedicated to it.

      To my knowledge, the show is not currently airing in Hong Kong. I get to watch via Amazon streaming which drops a few hours after the airdate. I normally watch it on day of release. But watch it a second time later in the week to do the write up and image caps. Not ideal, but it allows me to develop it a bit more.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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