Taiwan’s military gets some new allies…?

Not to get all political on the China / Taiwan divide, but I saw this commercial featured on Attack of the Show (ATN segment: October 5th).  Considering this in light of the military display put on by the mainland in their National Day parade, I have to say that I find Taiwan’s ‘display of power’ wins out on cool factor (though I admit being a sci-fi geek does make me a bit biased here).   One would gather that after the damage our transformer friends did in the mainland during the second movie, it’s nice to know that the Autobots have found a home in Asia at last….or were those Decepticons we saw?  Maybe we won’t get a really answer until Transformers 3…but if any of us are expecting any answers out of that film, then heaven help us.;)

That being said, China still has the cutest air-force on the planet.